Consequences of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation is meant to standardize European data protection law. The new regulation, which will enter into force in the first quarter of 2018 based on current planning (while approval of the EU Parliament is still outstanding), will discontinue the previous concept of a European data protection directive (which had established the general principles under data protection law) and the data protection regulations of individual states building on this, and will replace it with an EU General Data Protection Regulation applying directly in all EU member states.

Article by Dr. Sebastian Kraska (attorney and External Data Protection Officer)

Safe Harbor and Free trade agreement in the wake of the data privacy scandal

The free trade agreement planned between the USA and Europe is at peril of falling apart amidst acute political displeasure and resentment, and looming disputes surrounding the global enforceability of future European data privacy mandates.

We propose a substantial revaluation of the “Safe Harbor” concept, in order to be able to coalesce the mutual interests of both sides.

The significance of the scheduled Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement is unquestionable, and is also affirmed by Viviane Reding, the EU commissioner in charge of data privacy issues.

Article by Dr. Sebastian Kraska (attorney at law, external Data Protection Officer).

Bring Your Own Device: Data Privacy Recommendations and Technical Implementation

For many users everyday life without smartphones and tbablets is virtually inconceivable. These devices have become constant companions in day-to-day life, recreationally as well as in business. Times when only a privileged handful of executives were granted access to active business communications and corporate data while “on the road” gradually come to an end. The following article shows essential parameters of pertaining data protection law and technical matters. These are facts companies have to keep in mind if they plan to allow employees to use their private smartphones for business purposes (“BYOD,” short for “Bring Your Own Device”).

Article by Dr. Sebastian Kraska (attorney and External Data Protection Officer) and Peter Meuser (independent IT consultant).

Privacy Laws in Germany - developments over three decades

Article by Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidl (Partner at Baker & McKenzie Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwaelten, Wirtschaftspruefern, Steuerberatern und Solicitors).

„Show your employees and customers that you care about Data Protection.
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