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External Data Prodetction Officer

<br><br>The Institute for IT Law supports companies with practicable data protection solutions and provides external Data Protection Officers to meet the data protection requirements in Germany.

Does your company need a Data Protection Officer?

In principle, a company has to appoint an internal or external Data Protection Officer to assure compliance with data protection regulations in Germany if more than nine employees can access personal data (i.e., personal data of employees and/or customers) by computer.

Advantages of an external Data Protection Officer

Most companies prefer to appoint an external Data Protection Officer for reasons of liability, qualifications, employee participation, termination and costs (the latter especially because of the ongoing training of the internal Data Protection Officer required by the German data protection laws).

Get external advice: At the beginning we analyze your data protection status in a data protection assessment and provide further assistance with an external Data Protection Officer.

Consulting with foreign corporations

The Institute for IT Law offers foreign corporations the opportunity to shift data protection matters entirely to the Institute for IT Law for their subsidiaries located in Germany. Because of its expertise in the field of corporate data protection law, the Institute for IT Law is fully experienced in typical legal issues regarding cross-border data traffic.



What are the costs for an external Data Protection Officer?

The monthly costs for an external Data Protection Officer depend on the size and the industry sector of your company. Just contact us and we are happy to submit an offer tailored to your particular needs.

Available upon request

- A list detailing the advantages of an external Data Protection Officer
- Cost estimate
- Detailed information on conducting a data protection analysis
- Model contract for an external Data Protection Officer

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