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Data protection courses

  • Tailored to individual employees
  • Modules on data protection and IT security
  • Meet the legal requirements on privacy training

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Data protection training from the experts

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You have the choice of the modules in your own hands. Put together the desired training documents and distribute them to your employees by e-mail. They then decide independently when the respective module is to be used. Thanks to the support of mobile devices, the implementation is possible independent of time and place.

The content of our training modules is also updated regularly. This supports the personal learning success of your employees and minimizes interruptions in the operational process. In addition to the time savings, our data protection eLearning also results in a significant cost reduction compared to face-to-face events. In this way you promote the overall training frequency - especially in decentralized structures - and meet the existing data protection regulations according to EU-DSGVO.

Our eLearning offers on data protection

Price overview for our training courses


1 - 50 Employees


490,- Euro flat fee per year, plus VAT

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51 - 250 Employees

1,35 Euro
per Employee / year

+ 490,- Euro flat fee per year, plus VAT

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251 - 1.000 Employees

1,20 Euro
per Employee / year

+ 490,- Euro flat fee per year, plus VAT

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1.000+ Employees

1,10 Euro
per Employee / year

+ 490,- Euro flat fee per year, plus VAT

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the benefits at a glance

Why data protection training with IITR?

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5 – 15 minutes
time required per module 

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Transparent documentation
of training participation

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Significantly lower costs
compared to traditional, in-person training

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German and English
available languages

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Legal compliance
in accordance with the EU GDPR

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Participant reminders
automatically emailed

The advantages for the company

  • Use eLearning to prevent data protection violations
  • Minimal planning involved and significantly lower costs
  • Customizable online courses tailored to individual employees
  • Employee participation is transparently documented

The advantages for employees

  • Stress-free: Work at one’s own pace
  • Take the online courses anywhere, anytime
  • Compact educational content through top-notch online courses
  • Obtain a personal certificate of completion

This is how data protection employee training works

  • 1. Registration: contact us for a free test account.
  • 2. Log in: After we have set up your account, you can go to the eLearning platform and request a personal link that lets you log in without a password.
  • 3. Select the training module: Select the courses you want your employeeLearninges to take and enter your employees’ email addresses.
  • 4. Online learning: Your employees will receive a link to the data protection courses and can now begin work. You can view the status of their coursework anytime.
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GDPR online? Take a look!

Convince yourself of the quality of our online training courses in data protection.

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Our training modules on
data protection and the GDPR

We give you the opportunity to select the right modules for each employee:

  • Introduction to the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Basic training on data protection
  • Basics of information security
  • Processing personal data
  • Email use at the workplace
  • Handling applicant data
  • Information security at the workplace
  • Cooperation with the works council
  • Codes of Conduct in data protection
  • Home Office and mobile work
  • Outsourced processing
  • Acknowledging the rights of data subjects
  • Records of processing activities
  • Newsletter without consent
  • Video surveillance
  • Technical and organizational data-protection measures
  • Data breaches and reporting obligation
  • Direct mail advertising, fax advertising and e-mail advertising
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Erasing personal data

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FAQs about eLearning courses on data protection

Any company regardless of its type and size must train its employees in data protection. It must do this to comply with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which stipulate that companies must have verifiable data protection measures in place.

Yes, the data protection training courses can also be taken on tablets and smartphones. Most modules have training videos – this requires audio playback. The videos also give you the option to switch on English subtitles.

Apart from the obligation to train employees in data protection, there is no legal requirement as to how often this should take place. Offering training courses at regular intervals is recommended. One of the main tasks of your internal or external data protection officer is, for example, to organize training courses.

A company employee can go on the platform and issue invitations to participate in online data protection courses.

All emails sent through our platform (invitations, certificates, etc.) are stored in our revision-proof email archive. This is how we, at IITR, guarantee valid legal proof of your employees’ participation in the data protection courses.

The invitation is valid for 30 days. Before it expires, the participant receives a reminder. In addition, you can send individual invitations to the data protection courses as well as reminders to your employees.

The contract period is 12 months and is extended by 12 months if no notice is given.

Yes, a training session can be interrupted at any time and restarted at a later time.

Multiple-choice questions are used to question and test your employees about the content.

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