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Online Data Protection Seminars

Flexible: Select the right content for every employee
Different topics: Various modules on data protection
Up to date: The latest content & secure storage

eLearning seminars on data protection and the GDPR that provide reliable, top-notch training for your employees.

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Our eLearning Offers on Data Protection

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This is a great time to take advantage of our data protection training courses – anytime, anywhere, and without automatic renewal.

Our offers are based on the number of employees you would like to train online in data protection:

Option 1

1 - 50 Employees


490,- Euro flat fee per year, zzgl. VAT

Option 2

51 - 250 Employees

1,35 Euro
per employee / year

+ 490,- Euro flat fee per year, zzgl. VAT

Option 3

251 - 1.000 Employees

1,20 Euro
per employee / year

+ 490,- Euro flat fee per year, zzgl. VAT

Option 4

1.000+ Employees

1,10 Euro
per employee / year

+ 490,- Euro flat fee per year, zzgl. VAT


eLearning free testing

You can use our complete eLearning offer for test purposes free of charge for 10 training sessions.

The advantages of online employee training in data protection:


  • Use eLearning to prevent data protection violations
  • Minimal planning involved
  • Customizable online seminars tailored to individual employees
  • Employee participation is documented in a clear manner


  • Work at one’s own pace
  • Take the online courses anywhere, any time
  • Stress-free learning
  • Compact educational content through top-notch online data protection seminars
  • Obtain a personal certificate of completion

Our online training seminars at a glance


Time required per module5 – 15 minutes


Available inGerman and English



GDPR online? Take a look!

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Our training modules on data protection and the GDPR

Select the right modules for each employee:

  • Intro EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Basic Privacy Training
  • Basic training for information security
  • Controller-Processor Agreements
  • Protecting the rights of data subjects
  • Email use at the workplace
  • Sending newsletters without consent
  • Technical and organizational data protection measures
  • How to handle job applicant data
  • Processing of personal data
  • Records of processing activities
  • Video surveillance

FAQs about our eLearning courses on data protection

Is training on data protection mandatory for my employees?

Any company regardless of its type and size must train its employees in data protection. It must do this to comply with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which stipulate that companies must have verifiable data protection measures in place.

How is online course participation documented, e.g., for officials?

All emails sent through our platform (invitations, certificates, etc.) are stored in our revision-proof email archive. This serves as valid proof that the eLearning seminars were taken on IITR’s platform.

How long are the contract periods?

The contract period is 12 months and is extended by 12 months, if no notice is given.

Can the eLearning training courses also be taken on tablets or smartphones?

Yes, the data protection training courses can also be taken on tablets and smartphones. Most modules have training videos – this requires audio playback.

Who administers the online seminars?

A company employee can use the platform to issue invitations to the online seminars.

How long is an invitation to participate in an online course valid?

The invitation is valid for 30 days. Before it expires, the participant receives a reminder. In addition, you can send reminders to your employees as well as invitations to specific individuals about the data protection training courses.

Can course takers interrupt a training session?

Yes, a training session can be interrupted at any time and restarted at a later date.

How are your employees tested?

Multiple-choice questions are used to question and test your employees about the content.

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