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<br>The comprehensive tool for managing EU GDPR in medium and large-sized organizational structures.<br><br>With the option of certification.<br><br>The compliance kit is the ideal tool for the internal or external data protection officer.
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Everything in one place

The central online platform for the data protection manual, which is mandatory starting in May 2018. Features include: version-controlled documentation of your processes, the required employee training (including proof of training), and the option to obtain a data protection certificate for your company.


The online platform assists companies with roughly 50 employees or more in satisfying the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Compliance-Kit Features



What does the Compliance Kit offer?

  • Templates for compliant processes at the company
  • Documentation that ensures that all aspects of the EU GDPR are upheld
  • All data protection documents in a central location
  • eLearning for documented employee training for data protection
  • Optional certification

What does the Compliance Kit cost?

Cost is based on the size of the company. Please contact us for an individual offer.

Who is the Compliance Kit intended for?

The tool is intended for all companies that need to establish a structure for their data protection processes.

  • External data protection officers
  • Internal data protection officers
  • IT departments
  • QM managers
  • Legal departments
  • Certification companies
  • Business consultants

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