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Data protection management system for medium-sized and large companies
Organization of the EU General Data Protection Regulation according to ISO 27701
Reliable archiving of your data protection documents

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Compliance-Kit 2.0 – The ideal tool for the data protection professional:

  • Versioning archiving of your data protection documentation: Secure and comprehensive storage of your documents in the software enables you to prove your EU General Data Protection Regulation-compliant actions at any time.
  • Internal rights assignment for different departments possible: Define exactly who has access to the data protection management system and to what extent.
  • Integrated data protection manual according to ISO structure: The data protection manual contained in the Compliance Kit 2.0 is structured according to ISO high level structure.
  • Create awareness: Our basic training modules are inlucded in the Compliance-Kit 2.0. You can optionally book additional eLearning training modules on data protection and information security.
  • Data protection for international companies: The compliance management system is available in English and German and can be used globally for all data protection requirements (e.g. ISO27701 with 27001/27002, BS 10012, CCPA, etc.).
  • Templates and checklists for data protection-compliant processes in the company: Benefit from certified templates and checklists for your daily work.
  • All data protection documents in one central location: You have a complete and structured overview of your documents at all times.
  • Certifiable according to CPS 100 by IITR Cert GmbH: Meet all requirements with the help of the data protection management system and have your company certified.

Certified protection with Compliance Kit 2.0

All documents and templates of the Compliance Kit 2.0 comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This is also confirmed by the certificate of independent examination by the state-certified and sworn civil engineers Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Gelber and Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Fiala.

Our data protection management software at a glance

Why is a data protection management system important for my company?


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According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), companies have special compliance requirements for handling personal data due to their "accountability" requirements. Not only do companies have to act in compliance with data protection regulations, they also have to be able to prove that they comply with data protection regulations at all times.

The Compliance-Kit 2.0 supports you with the organization of the EU GDPR: You have an overview of all data protection documents at all times, are supported with templates and checklists in the implementation of the EU GDPR and can prove your data protection-compliant work at any time.

Compliance Kit 2.0 – This is how it is structured:

The Compliance Kit 2.0 supports companies in complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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Multi-client capability

Users can easily manage multiple clients.

Certification status

See if your company has satisfied all necessary requirements for certification. The audit is carried out separately by IITR Cert GmbH.


Your documents are stored using versioning pursuant to statutory requirements, so changes are documented.

Easy to use

The Compliance Kit 2.0 comes with templates for all required documents. You can also upload documents that your company already has.



Choice of language

Content available in English and German.


Integrated access to our basic training modules. Additional modules of our web-based training platform can be booked at any time.

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The data protection manual

The General Data Protection Regulation requires all companies to have a data protection manual in which their data protection procedures are documented in writing. Our data protection manual is based on the ISO high-level structure and complies with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and thus with the CPS 100 certification standard.

Overview of all required documents

Maintain an overview of the current processing status of documents required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation, for example, outsourced-processing agreements or the directory of processing activities.


The checklist determines and tracks your current data protection status. Upon request, it can be used to help you obtain certification.

This is how the IITR ordering process works

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1. You make a request for a free trial access for 6 months.

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2. We create your test account for the data protection management software. You can then login with your email address.

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3. Now you can test the software for 6 months. You will find a user guide in the footer of the data protection management system

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4. If you would like to continue using the software after 6 months, we will send you your contract by e-mail, which you sign and return to us.

Do you need more information?

Please contact us if you have questions or need further information.

FAQs Compliance Kit 2.0

Is there a minimum contract duration?

Our Compliance Kit 2.0 has a one-year contract term. Thereafter, the contract is automatically extended by one year at a time, unless the contract is terminated in due time.

Does the Compliance Kit 2.0 include the appointment of an external data protection officer?

No, the appointment of a data protection officer is not included in our data protection management system. However, our trained data protection officers will be happy to assist you if required.

Does my company need a data protection officer?

You need an internal or external data protection officer if twenty or more employees in your company are involved in processing electronic data (for example, if more than twenty employees work on a PC). The obligation to order can also apply if your company is subject to a special case under Article 37 of the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Does the Compliance Kit 2.0 also include individual advice?

The Compliance Kit 2.0 itself does not contain a consulting contingent. If you have individual questions, our qualified data protection experts will be happy to advise you by e-mail or telephone at an extra charge.

Who is the data management software aimed at?

Our Compliance Kit 2.0 is aimed at all companies that need to set up their data protection processes in a structured manner:
• External data protection officers
• Internal Data Protection Officer
• Data Protection Officer
• IT departments
• QM manager
• Legal departments
• Certification company
• Management consultant

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