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We assist US-based companies as Data Privacy Expert Advisors. This service is indispensable for companies that need consulting advice on matters related to European data privacy law, but do not have a legal entity registered in Germany or Europe, and therefore are not required to appoint a "third party data privacy officer" (as mandated by law in many countries, particularly Germany).

Contact with European customers

Many companies, US-based firms above all, choose to engage a Data Privacy Expert Advisor because the issue of data privacy is of particular interest to their European customers. The advisor can provide the US-based company with excellent support when it comes to dealing with the data privacy specifications or requirements of its European clients.

Regular updates on European data privacy issues

The Data Privacy Expert Advisor advises the company on the latest developments in data privacy both in Europe and internationally. He or she will also help the company determine a suitable data privacy policy, and/or help it continuously adapt its existing policy.

Coordinating with European regulatory agencies

The Data Privacy Expert Advisor helps the US-based company coordinate its collaboration with European regulatory agencies, and he or she may act as the local representative of the company, if so authorized.

Implement alternatives

In consultation with European regulatory agencies, the Data Privacy Expert Advisor assists
US-based companies with the enforcement of matters subject to data privacy law.



Dr. Sebastian Kraska
Attorney at Law (admitted in Germany)
External Data Protection Officer

Phone: +49-89-1891 7360
Internet: Xing / LinkedIn

„Show your employees and customers that you care about Data Protection.
Use Data Protection to  convey a good message.“

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You can reach us at the following address:

IITR Datenschutz GmbH - Institut für IT-Recht
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Contact for Data Protection:

Herr KraskaDr. Sebastian Kraska
Attorney at Law, Diplom-Kaufmann
Specialized on Data Protection

Tel.: +49 (0)89 1891 7360


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