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We stand for innovative solutions and products in the field of data protection!

IITR Datenschutz GmbH is specialized in data privacy solutions and supports more than 2.500 companies around the world to manage their privacy compliance programs. Our products (Privacy Management System Compliance-Kit 2.0, eLearning) support companies and data protection officers to meet their accountability requirements under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We are a member of DIN and certified under DIN EN ISO 9001.

sebastian kraska

Dr. Sebastian Kraska

The IITR Datenschutz GmbH was founded by Dr. Sebastian Kraska and specializes in corporate data protection. As a provider of data protection management systems IITR Datenschutz GmbH supports more than 2,500 companies to comply with data protection regulations.

With the Privacy-Kit (complete privacy package for small companies), the Compliance-Kit 2.0 (data protection management system for medium-sized companies), and its own privacy eLearning platform, IITR offers the right solution for companies of every size, assisting them to comply with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

As an attorney who works exclusively in data protection law, together with regional partners Dr. Kraska also serves as an external data protection officer and assists companies and public authorities. He is also on the advisory board of "ZD", a privacy magazine published by Beck Verlag.

Sabine Schmitt-Hennig
Legal Consultant

Ms. Schmitt-Hennig, attorney-at-law in Germany, is a certified data protection auditor and works as an external data protection officer. With many years of experience in ITC, her focus is on data centers, cloud computing, telecommunications, as well as on data transfers within and outside the EU. She is also actively involved and responsible for the international management of data protection and compliance.
Location: Frankfurt am Main

Michael Wehowsky
Legal Consultant
Certified Data Protection Officer (udis)

Mr. Michael Wehowsky is a certified data protection officer and certified information privacy professional/Europe (CIPP/E and udis certified). In his role as an external data protection officer and consultant, he helps companies of all sizes and orientations with data protection in German, English and Italian.

Amy Wittmann
Legal Consultant

Amy Wittmann specialises in legal advice on the data economy (in particular cloud computing, data protection and AI) as well as legal advice in connection with digitalisation projects of national and international clients (in particular automation of business processes, IT projects, IT outsourcing) and software licensing law (including open source software).
She regularly advises multinational corporations as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups on all data protection issues.
Ms Wittmann has many years of experience advising clients from all business sectors, both in-house and in a law firm capacity. She has years of experience in the industry sector as a Senior legal counsel/Head of a Legal Department at large IT, telecommunications, software and internet companies in Germany.

She was admitted to the Munich bar in 2008. She has also been admitted as an Attorney at Law in the State of Illinois since 1995, as a Solicitor for England and Wales since 2009 and as a Solicitor for Ireland since 2021. She is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) as well as OSE e.V. (Organisation Software Escrow)."

Beate Kersten
Customer Service

Ms. Kersten advises companies on our privacy products including the Privacy Kit , Compliance Kit 2.0, and our eLearning platform. She also provides customer support and helps clients of IITR Datenschutz GmbH use these digital products. Moreover, she performs accounting tasks for our company. Location: 80331 Munich

Johannes Kirsten
Sales & Marketing
Certified Data Protection Officer (TÜV)

Mr. Johannes Kirsten is a TÜV-certified data protection officer and has many years of professional experience in marketing consulting. As a business economist with a focus on online communication, Mr. Kirsten is responsible for sales and marketing at IITR Datenschutz GmbH.

Janick Walther
Sales & Customer Service
Certified Data Protection Officer (udis)

Mr. Walther has many years of professional experience in the field of sales. As a business economist with a focus on organization and data processing, Mr. Walther is responsible for tasks in sales and customer support at IITR Datenschutz GmbH.

Marvin Stellmacher
Sales & Customer Service
Certified Data Protection Officer (udis)

Mr. Stellmacher has completed professional training as a legal assistant. With his professional experience in software sales, Mr. Stellmacher is responsible for sales and customer support tasks at IITR Datenschutz GmbH.

Ralf Zlamal
Regional partner Baden-Württemberg
Certified Data Protection Officer
Information Security Officer

Mr. Ralf Zlamal is managing director of IITR Cert GmbHdata protection officer, information security officer and auditor. He is a technical business economist and has several years of experience in the areas of management, data protection and information security. Mr. Zlamal supports companies in the implementation and maintenance of corporate data protection, information security and the requirements of the VDA within the framework of TISAX up to certification.

Robert Aumiller
Regional partner Bavaria
Certified Data Protection Officer

Mr. Aumiller holds a master’s in engineering and is the managing director of “R.AU-Computertechnik GmbH & Co.KG.” He has assisted medium-sized companies for 10 years as an external data protection officer for questions pertaining to data protection law. His clients have mainly come from the following areas: mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the chemicals sector, food and beverages, as well as the service industry. Mr. Aumiller has 30 years of professional experience in IT – especially for issues related to fault security and data security.
Location: 92421 Schwandorf

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